Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Workshop

Almost every day, when the sun is headed across the pasture, we go to the place the two-leggeds call the "Workshop". The hairy-faced warm one is there already. Maybe he lives most of his day there. We take the soft-voiced one with us. Sometimes, she is forgetting to go, but we remind her.

The deer critters tease us on the way to the "Workshop". Ani wants to let them know that he will not always be dragging a two-legged. Then the deers will be sorry for teasing him. He will chase them.

There are other hu-mans there. The other hu-mans are owned by more dogs. We don't like those other dogs. Our hu-mans make us stay on ropes at the "Workshop" so we can't go teach those other dogs who is boss. They think they are boss. They might want to take our hu-mans.

We like some other dogs. Bear-dog is a friend. Our friend Pistol sent us news from the land where we live sometimes. We will remember to have our light-haired one let you see the note - and the funny pictures!

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