Friday, October 5, 2007

Song sung dog

Ani and I ran away from the two-leggeds to do our guarding job last night when the two-legged went into their bed thing. They always want us to come with them, but we knew we had a job to do.

Funny that the two-leggeds never seem to appreciate that guarding job... especially when we do it during the dark times.

While guarding we found the invader and hunted it. We wrote a song about it...
Armadillo by morning, I'll catch that animal,
If I have to bark all night, and ignore them when they call.
I've got a great sense of smell,
It serves me real well,
I don't need to see 'em in the dark.
So armadillo by morning,
at armadillo I will bark.
Do you think we will get a platinum, framed doggy biscuit for that one?

The two-leggeds didn't seem to like it. We think they didn't anyways because they came out to stop our composing about every hour until it was almost light time again.

Two-leggeds are funny that way.