Monday, August 25, 2008

Anakin's Dilemma

I'm confused.

I used to be able to run wherever I wanted! Now I have to have a two-legged with me all the time.

But it's not all the time, really, because the two legged put up an automatic dog walker in the front yard. It lets me run, but only a short way and back and forth.

The two-leggeds started putting me on this all day long everyday! They started to do this after I ate the wiry things on the doors and windows so I could go out and run.

Now, the automatic walker thing is confusing enough, and not being able to run when I want to is confusing, too. Having to be with a two-legged I can almost understand.

So why did the furry-faced two legged get mad when I tried to go out to be with the other two-legged working on the pump in the back yard? Maybe it had something to do with the way I say hello and maybe what the other two legged said to furry-face wasn't as nice.

Oh, well. At least I get to go swimming sometimes now...