Monday, January 28, 2008

Pistol's Purr-son likes string toys

Hi Scraps, Anni and Quigley,

Just look at the funnies my two-leggeds keep on my food box! Actually I don’t think the second one will be there much longer. Csaba (the darn cat) has been getting into my not quite as tall boy’s (my girl purr-sun calls him Morgan) room and tearing up his favorite things.

He’s been getting lots of shots from the squirt bottle! I wouldn’t think it was so funny if that darn cat wouldn’t pick on me too.

My girl purr-son was looking at the blinky box and telling me about your girl purr-son’s contest about how great your people toys are. She said she didn’t think that she was allowed to enter. Well, the only webby site I know is the back porch and I don’t want to get you in trouble by sending you links. I ALWAYS get in trouble when I take things off the counter so I guess I can’t enter either but I do love your people toys too!

I love how happy she gets making string on her drop spindle when she comes home. She has several of them but I can tell her favorite is the one with the cross that my very tall boy says is really his. I think your man made it for him. I love it when she tells that darn cat that it is her toy and he can’t play with it. Sometimes she is so happy she takes me for a walk!

I love it when she takes all her frustrations out on sheep fur with those magic needles. Somehow those needles poke whatever is wrong into the fur and turns it into something that makes her feel so much better! How great is that? I don’t really know how it works because it seems like a good thing to keep my nose away from. It happens even faster now that she has the wood toy that holds lots of needles.

I love how happy she is when she has a project going on her tiny short knitting sticks that your man made for her. She takes it on the bus (that’s a very-long-in-the-middle Dachshund sort of truck that a lot of two-leggeds can all ride at once) and is much more relaxed when she gets home. I bet everyone she is around while she is gone is happier too.

I love how happy she is when comes out of the drinking bowl room all wet and clean from using your soap (aren’t they just so strange to like that?). She says it keeps her from being all itchy and scratchy. I thought that’s what flea collars are for but, whatever.

I love how happy she is when she plays with her triangle string toys, also things your man made. She’s so happy that even when she makes a mistake she doesn’t mind very much. She won’t let the cat play with them either.

And most of all, I love it when she reads me what you are all up to in the blinky box. Doesn’t it get cramped in there?

Your Friend,


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